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Founders Scholarship Fund – Karen Pulte Endowment Fund

The Founders Scholarship Fund Endowment Fund was formed in 2015 to help create sustainability for the organization. The driving force behind the formation of the Endowment Fund began with a very generous contribution from Karen and Bill Pulte. Over the succeeding three years, a challenge match was established and in 2018, Karen Pulte had donated one-million dollars. With the help of other donors, plus a commitment by every member of Founders Scholarship Fund Board of Trustees to donate to the Endowment, we now have a $1.6 million Fund. With this growth, we expect to provide even more deserving students of Collier County (FL) the opportunity to continue their pursuit of post high school education including, college degrees or technical training.

Our goal over the next five years is to deploy 3% to 5% of the Fund yearly for scholarship awards, and grow the Karen Pulte Endowment Fund to three million dollars through investments and donations.

Your donations will help build a stronger future for our society by helping local deserving students obtain a higher education, gain experience, and become contributing professionals working and living in our country.

If you are considering supporting the mission of the Karen Pulte Endowment Fund in a permanent and sustainable manner, we would be pleased to have the opportunity to discuss the variety of ways in which this can be accomplished.

You may wish to consider any of the following:

Please e-mail Founders Scholarship Fund at stacy@thefoundersfundinc.org or call the office at 239-593-0124 and advise us of your interest in pursuing a gift to Founders Scholarship Fund Karen Pulte Endowment Fund. We will reach out to you to begin discussing how best to meet your goals.

Founders Scholarship Fund/Karen Pulte Endowment Fund Investment Committee

  • Nick Spina – Chair
  • Pat Chadwick
  • John Levy
  • Meryl Mann
  • Jim O’Brien