The Founders Scholarship Fund


707 Gulf Park Drive, Naples, Florida 34108

Scholarship Information

Scholarship application

To apply for Founders Fund scholarship, students must apply online through a dedicated and secure portal. Click this link to register and view the application.

Additional questions about scholarships?

Any questions from students or parents should be directed to Stacy Lee-Williams, Founders Scholarship Fund office at 239-593-0124 or

When to apply?

Students interested in obtaining a scholarship from The Founders Scholarship Fund must submit a completed online application by Friday, February 23, 2024.

Overview of Founders Scholarship Fund’s Scholarship

Each year, approximately 25 to 35 students from Collier County High Schools receive renewable annual scholarships from Founders Scholarship Fund, helping them defray the cost of attending colleges, universities, vocational schools, and professional programs across the country. Scholarship grants are made for one year at a time. If the recipient maintains a 3.00 GPA, the grant is renewed each year until the student graduates from a two- or four-year college or university.

During any school year, approximately 100 to 120 students are receiving scholarships from Founders Scholarship Fund. Since 1991, scholarship recipients have received either $2000 or $2500 per year. Starting with the 2022 scholarship recipients, the per year amount has been increased to $6000 bringing the total of the four-year scholarship to $24,000.

Students are selected for scholarship grants based upon their overall high school record, including extracurricular activities, academic performance, and the financial need of the candidate.

Who is eligible?

Collier County, Florida, high school seniors with a 3.00 GPA and financial need may apply. Participating high schools are notified by their counselors.

Founders Scholarship Fund General Requirements

Selection is based on academic merit and/or financial need. The selection process is guided by the following.

  • A 3.0 weighted GPA for the past two years of high school.
  • A minimum composite SAT OF 920 or ACT of 19.
  • Gross family income is limited to $75,000. There may be extenuating circumstances which allow the board to grant a scholarship when family income is above the stated ceiling. These circumstances include, among others, a large family at home, other children presently attending college, financially burdensome medical problems, parents or providers unemployed, or other extenuating circumstances that gave rise to financial hardship.

Application must include

  • A copy of page 1 of parents’ most recent 1040 tax form
  • FAFSA. S.A.R (Student Aid Report) Pages 1 and 2 of FAFSA
  • Academic Transcript
  • Two written recommendations should be submitted with the application. One recommendation from a teacher and another from an adult (other than family member) well acquainted with the student.
  • Student Essay
  • Parent/Guardian Statement
  • Picture of applicant.
  • Personal interviews with applicants will be held at their respective high schools through arrangements with their Guidance Counselors.

Scholarship grants are made for one year at a time. If the recipient maintains a 3.00 weighted GPA for the previous two semesters or terms, the grant is renewable each year until the student graduates from a two- or four-year college or university. It is the student’s responsibility to keep the Founders Scholarship Fund informed and apprised of their grades and enrollment status. Checks are mailed to the college or university.