Testimonials from Scholars and Students

Founders Fund Scholarship enabled me to focus on my rigorous coursework without the worry of how I will fund my education! Additionally, Founders Fund provided substantial financial support to allow me to purchase newly published, multi-medium course material to deepen my understanding of my studies!

Samuel Siahaan – 2022 Scholarship Recipient

The Founders Fund scholarship has dramatically relieved my family’s financial stress and has allowed me to focus on my studies. The Founders Fund scholarship is more than money to me, it is an opportunity to receive an education that will get me the job I have always dreamed of. I am forever grateful for being a recipient of the Founders Fund scholarship.

Chloe Quintero – 2021 FSF Recipient

The Founders Fund Scholarship gave me a home to stay in and has changed my status from being homeless to being able to have somewhere to stay for most of the year. I’ve been a homeless unaccompanied youth since my sophomore year in high school and this scholarship has paid for my housing and a meal plan. Thank you, Founders Fund.

Nicksie Lordeus – 2021 Scholarship Recipient

I am currently a Junior at Florida Gulf Coast University, hoping to graduate in May 2024. My high school class of 2020 has been filled with many challenges, from a pandemic to storms that have broken records. I am very grateful despite the ups and downs, there was one thing that was always with me — the Founders Scholarship Fund. Thank you very much for accompanying me on my university path and never leaving me alone. Your support gave me hope during difficult times. Thank you.

Michelle Cardenas – 2020 Scholarship Recipient

With the Founders Fund scholarship, I have been able to meet my college expenses and seek other opportunities, like my internship with the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Maryland.

I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to build myself as a scholar and future public health professional.

Bachelors in Public Health – University of Florida

Marcos Damian-Noyola – 2018 Scholarship Recipient

I attended Lehigh University and majored in chemical engineering. I graduated this past May of 2022 and have recently started working at Lummus Technology as an associate process engineer.

The Founders Scholarship Fund has been so integral in helping me get to where I am today. It allowed me the freedom to focus on my academics and get the most out of a quality education.

My sister Sarah received the FSF scholarship in 2014 and my sister Angel in 2019. Thank you for believing and supporting me, and my sisters.

Lisa Tseng – 2017 Scholarship Recipient

I am thankful to the donors of the Founders Fund for contributing to this scholarship. They have made managing the financial aspect of college easier for me and my family. I’m looking forward to a great 2021.

Raquel Ferreira – 2020 Scholarship Recipient

I’m currently a Sophomore at Florida State University majoring in Nursing. I graduated from Lorenzo Walker Technical High School in the May of 2017. This scholarship has impacted my performance in school and currently, I have a 3.581 cumulative GPA, and a 3.8 nursing GPA. Without financial stress, I have been able to continue excelling in school and maintaining above average grades.
The scholarship has been extremely helpful, especially since attending college would have been merely a dream without financial assistance. This scholarship has helped me pay for my nursing classes, simulation lab fees, and miscellaneous nursing school fees. I look forward to graduating and receiving my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Florida State University in the Spring of 2020. All of my success I owe to the help of the Founders Fund Scholarship and federal assistance.

Milagros Jerez – FSU

I’m known at Club Pelican Bay as Daniela; I’ve worked as a golf attendant at CPB for over 13 years. Fortunately, I was awarded the scholarship from the Founders Fund; it was one of the most wonderful feelings knowing that I can change something about my future and become a professional one day.
It was a difficult process to finally get admitted to college because I finished high school 20 years ago in Romania. It took me a year of prerequisites including translations, transcripts, classes and tests before I finally got admitted.
Today, I am in my second year at Florida Southwestern State College; my major is Business Administration and my minor is Paralegal Studies. I am a straight A student with a 4.0 GPA. I work full time and I have full custody of my son; it might take me a little bit longer getting my degree, but I’m determined.
I am so grateful that I am in the United States and that I’ve met so many wonderful people at the Club that are giving me a chance to better my future.
The Founders Fund it is a life changing organization bringing happiness and hope to people like me that never dared to see beyond the lines because I used to believe that I am not good enough to dream and achieve more. With all my respect and appreciation, thank you for helping me.

Donna Sue Taylor – Florida Southwestern State College

I’m currently attending the University of Florida and majoring in philosophy and economics. So far, college has been academically challenging because I have been taking five to six classes each semester, but I’m focused on my academics. I use my spare time to study for the LSAT because after I graduate in the spring of 2020, I plan to attend law school in Florida. My passion for law stems from wanting to understand and immerse myself in the United States legal system. I realize that it may seem too ambitious to graduate college in three years and immediately attend law school, but I strongly believe that if I put in the necessary amount of work, I will be successful.
I was graciously awarded the FF scholarship as a graduate of Naples High School in 2017. It goes without saying that this scholarship has allowed me to attend the University of Florida as a near debt-free student, and for this I will be eternally grateful. With the lack of financial stress on my shoulders, I feel that I have been able to focus more on school. In the future, I look forward to returning the favor by giving back to prospective students, the same way the Founders Fund scholarship has given to me.

Oscar Rodriguez – University of Florida

I’m in my second year at Florida Atlantic University as a nursing major. The past two years have been some of the best in my life and I’m so excited to be starting clinicals in the fall. I will be graduating May 2021 and hope to work in a teaching hospital and be a travel nurse before settling into an ICU or ER unit. Eventually, I want to further my education to become a DNP. Thanks to the Founders Fund, I have been able to continue my education without fear of finances. I am forever grateful for the generous donors and coordinators of this program that have enabled me to follow my dreams of becoming a nurse. I plan to use that same caring approach in my practice for years to come!

Cecilia Peregrin – Florida Atlantic University

I attend Florida Southwestern State College and am majoring in communications. I’m very fortunate for the Founders Fund scholarship; it motivates me to work hard in my academics every day. It’s surreal to think that I don’t have to stress about college expenses; I’m able to focus on my school work and engage with my fellow schoolmates. I will be transferring to FGCU in the fall and will be graduating in 2021.

Jason Francoeur – Florida Southwestern State College

School is going great! I am currently a Sophomore in the Honors College at George Mason University in Northern Virginia. I’m majoring in Forensic Psychology with a minor in Criminology. I am a Resident Advisor for freshman students who live on-campus in the Honors College Living Learning Community and am currently a Lab Manager in the Social Skills, Imagination, and Theater lab which is a part of the Applied Developmental Psychology department.
The opportunities at here at Mason have helped with steering my future career goals, and also with pursuing my passions for contributing to my community. During my time here, I’ve become increasingly grateful for the Founders Fund scholarship. Out of state tuition is quite expensive, the funds I have received help significantly with that financial struggle of paying out-of-state tuition every semester, and for that I am truly grateful.
I intend to graduate with my Bachelor of Science in 2021 and hope to attend law school soon after graduation. I would like to once again express my gratitude for the support I receive from the Founders Fund and to everyone who makes this possible.

Tiffany Morina – George Mason University

I will be graduating in May 2019 in the inaugural class of the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship with a B.S. in Commercial Entrepreneurship. I’d like to thank the Founders Fund for helping ease the financial burdens of school which has allowed me to focus on extracurriculars that have maximized my college experience.
In my time at Florida State University, I was able to serve as the Security and Operations Coordinator for FSU’s Dance Marathon, had the privilege of being the President of my 130-man fraternity, and currently manage a sales team that is projected to generate roughly $750,000 in gross revenue this year for a Goldman Sach’s subsidiary. All of this was made possible because the generous donors of the Founders Fund chose to invest in my success, and for that I’m forever grateful!
P.S. Go ‘Noles

Sean Nash – FSU

I am a senior at the University of Richmond; my major is Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law (PPEL) with a concentration in Economics and a minor in Business Administration. The Founders Fund scholarship makes the cost of attending my university much more manageable.
I will be graduating May 2019 and I am extremely excited. During my time at college, I have been involved in many different organizations and clubs, most notably, I was the President of my sorority. I served as the VP of the National Panhellenic Council and I was an executive member of the Richmond Rowdies. Additionally, I work as a resident assistant for the University Office of Residence Life and Housing. With a few months left until graduation, I spend the majority of my time exploring the city with my friends and interviewing for jobs. Thank you so much for granting me this opportunity and being of service to the greater Naples community.

Brianna Holmes – University of Richmond

College is in full swing and my time here is winding down as I enter the second half of my senior year at Harvard College.
I’m currently working on my senior thesis in population genetics as part of my studies in organismic and evolutionary biology. In anticipation of graduating this May 2019, I want to express how extremely grateful I am to the Founders Fund for believing in me and providing financial support for my college career these past four years. I’m forever grateful.

Liz Roux – Harvard College

I am currently attending Florida Gulf Coast University and plan to major in Nursing – part of the class of 2022. Being in my second semester of school, I have learned so much and have had many new experiences. From taking my general education classes to starting more nursing related courses, I have been able to expand my knowledge to another level in just my first year.
The Founders Fund Scholarship has granted me the opportunity to continue with my education and soon I’ll be able to achieve my career goal. It has not only helped me with tuition fees but also in the most essential aspects, such as having the required course textbooks. Thank you for all your help!

Galilea Pedraza – FGCU

I am a student at The Ohio State University and majoring in Zoology. I also hope to double minor in Environmental Science and Religious Studies, and I’ll be graduating in the spring of 2022. It is only possible for me to attend my first-choice university, out-of-state, because of the financial support from scholarships. I am extremely grateful to have received a scholarship and support from the Founders Fund because I might not be where I am today without your help. Thank you.

Jordan Vann – The Ohio State University

I’m currently enrolled at the University of Central Florida and on the Emerging Media Track/Experimental Animation major. Thank you once again for this scholarship as it’s playing a valuable part for me in pursuing my dream of creating my own television show that puts focus minorities, disabilities, single-parent households, and other personal situations that I encountered growing up. I have been introduced to a variety of resources and opportunities that would be difficult to find on my own. Thank you for being another set of stairs that lead me and many more on the pathway to success.

Fridson Janvier – University of Central Florida

I am attending the University of North Florida and intend on graduating May 2022. I’m halfway through my second semester as a Psychology major, and I am loving every second of it! Since starting school, I have joined Alpha Chi Omega and the School Psychology Club. My involvement in these organizations has fostered lifelong friendships. This scholarship has been a true blessing. Without the Founders Fund, I would not be in a place financially to attend school so far from home. The scholarship has allowed me to join a sorority and even given me the opportunity to get involved with school activities without having to worry about student loans. Thanks a ton!

Angela Cloonan – University of North Florida

I graduated in Spring 2017 with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Communication and Child Development. I’m now working on my masters in Exceptional Student Education with a concentration in Applied Behavior Analysis.
Since graduating, I have worked a couple jobs, but I believe I have found my passion at Florida Autism Center where I work as a Registered Behavior Technician. I will be graduating next year with my masters and hopefully pursing my PhD afterwards!
The Founders Fund was literally the reason why I was able to eat and have shelter while an undergrad; I am forever grateful! So many organizations give scholarships and forget about their recipients and don’t touch base on the student’s academic progress or their mental health… but, the Founders Fund did this every semester and I cannot thank the organization enough for this! I hope one day I will be able to bless students who are pursuing their dreams the same way the Founders Fund blessed me!

Ethiana Previlus – Graduated College 2017 (FF Alumni)

I am a first year Finance major. School has challenged me with rigorous coursework, and has provided me with a plethora of opportunities for professional development and personal growth. I’m enjoying learning about macroeconomics and I look forward to taking finance and accounting courses soon. The Founders Fund Scholarship of the Club at Pelican Bay immensely contributed to my education and has allowed me to focus on my studies without having to worry about the high tuition rate.
Edwin Herard – University of Florida

I’m a junior and my major is Integrated Health Science. I’ve been enjoying classes regarding the nutrition and health of communities around the world. My current GPA is a 3.48 and I have all A’s for this semester.
Nicole Garrabrant – Stetson University

The Founders Fund has allowed me to put myself through school and graduate debt free. Thanks to the scholarship, I am able concentrate on my schooling without having to worry about how I will pay for this higher education.
Stephanie Wolf – Florida Gulf Coast University

College life has added up to be more than I would’ve imagined it to be. I am excelling in my grades and maintaining a great GPA. My favorite part so far has been becoming a member of the Pegasus Mascot Team and being able to walk around with Pegasus during our home football games!
Davis Vertin – UCF

Nearing the end of my college career, I am eternally grateful to everyone who has helped me get this far. The wonderful people of the Founders Fund deserve special thanks in their support and help towards my goal in becoming the first person in my family to attend and graduate college. Thank you.
Jose Luis Martinez – University of Florida

You have lightened my financial burden which allows me to focus on the most important aspect of school: learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day to be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. I’m very fortunate to be able to continue my academics, athletics and community service. Thank you for your support of my future.
Cassie Fernandez – Flagler College

I am extremely happy for the opportunity the Founders Fund has given me by selecting me for this scholarship. It is a true blessing. The scholarship will help propel me into my future and allow me to follow my dreams.
Shakira Minor – Florida Gulf Coast University

Scholarship foundations like The Founders Fund, Inc. help students like me in achieving their goals of becoming someone who can make a difference in the lives of others.
Xiomara – Florida Gulf Coast University

This scholarship has meant so much to me since it is the only renewable one that I received. I appreciate the fact that The Founders Fund has helped so much with my education.
Dona-Gee – Lee University

My daughter, Isabella, received your scholarship in 2007 and is graduating from the University of Miami in May! She’s been accepted at the University of Pennsylvania Grad School! Thank you so much for helping her!
Julie – Parent, University of Miami

I am studying in Florence, Italy this semester and I’m loving it! So much to see and do! I really appreciate The Founders Fund for backing me and my education to make it possible to study abroad.
Christen – University of Florida

I would like to thank you for the opportunity to receive your generous scholarship for the 2004/2005 academic year. Your organization has been a tremendous help throughout my college years. You have made it possible for me to broaden my horizons while not having to stress over financial matters.
Gary – University of Florida

Thanks to the generosity of The Founders Fund for the past four years, I have had the opportunity to continue my education and grow in the university and activities throughout the campus. Without the kindness of your scholarship, I know my experiences would have suffered.
Monique – Florida State University

I thank The Founders Fund for everything because without your help I wouldn’t be doing everything I am today.
Marjorie – Florida Atlantic University